Are you looking out for the real place that can be accurately referred to as New York City backyard? Then the only place that seems to meet up to that kind of reputation is no other place than central park. It had proved itself to be a very important place in the lives of every American. The central park is simply great in all sense of the word. Lots of proves had been tendered to support this view about central park. Some of the findings and how they were done will be highlighted below.

Before the conclusion was reached about central park being New York City’s backyard, a census was carried out and the result of the census was simply amazing. The census was carried out about the number of people that visit central park each year. It was not an easy task in the least. Even the census of a whole country might not have taken such a long time to conclude with. The census was carried out in 2008 and 2009; July and May of those years respectively. To show how tasking the job must have been, up to 350 volunteers participated in the census of central park. Surprisingly, up to 800 hours were spent to analyze the data that were collected in the course of the census. This indicates how large the data must have been and how tasking it must have been to gather such info together.

After all the data had been analyzed and the result had been released, it was revealed that between 37 and 38 million visits were paid to the central park each year. Some of the visitors do come more than once in a year. So, it was finally concluded that about nine million people actually pay visits to the park every year. People from New York actually dominated the number of visitors. At least, up to 70% of the nine million individuals are residents of New York. Other states of the nation produce about 12% of those who visit the central park. The central park was also discovered to have its share of international visitors; the census showed that up to 16% of the visitors to the park are from other countries of the world.

Several routes actually lead into the central park. The census also indicated the different routes and the density of visitors that come in through each of them. Amazingly, the southern part of the park acts as the gateway to about 75% of the visitors to the park. Many people came through the west 72nd street, Grand Army Plaza and Columbus Circle.

Many individuals in New York had made the central park their place of relaxation. They had even turned the place to a home of sort. Such people make it a point to visit the park at least once in a day. The scenario and its peaceful demeanor seem to be so attractive and irresistible for them. Some had seen the place as the right place for some meditation. To some, it is a place to take walks and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Some had also seen the park as a place to carry out various sporting activities. At least, up to 10% of the visitors come visiting for the purpose of jogging. Many more came for biking.  There are times visitors to the park will come alone and there are times that they will come with others.     

Despite the present status of the park as New York City’s backyard, the Conservancy is not resting on its oars. One of the latest decisions by the management of the park is to work more on the northern entrance of the park so as to make it equally attractive to visitors. This decision came on the heel of the fact that the northern part is not as heavily used as the southern half of the park.


One of the things that give the path its epical place in the lives of every New Yorker and those who visit from far and wide is its open nature to all visitors. No one is ever restricted from visiting the park. As long as you keep to the rules and regulation, you are sure to be allowed to have your fill of the great things that the park has to offer.